Jennifer Schwartz, PT, DPT, NCS

Faculty Specialist

Department of Physical Therapy
800 Linden Street
Scranton, PA 18510-4586
Office: Edward Leahy Hall (ELH) 524
Voice: (570) 941- 4315
Email : jennifer.schwartz@scranton.edu

BS, The ĤƵ

Courses Taught

PT 707L Applied Clinical Neuroscience for PT Lab
PT 712L Neurological Physical Therapy for PT II Lab
PT 722L Rehabilitation for PT II Lab

PT 722 Rehabilitation for PT II

PT 711 Neurological PT I

PT 755 Teaching and Learning in PT

PT 700/700L Anatomy for PT Lab

Research Interests

  • Community-Based Boxing Impact on Persons with Parkinson's Disease
  • Impact of Service in Prison Setting on DPT Student Perspectives
  • Health Promotion and Community Based Learning
  • Motor Performance in Adults with Ataxia
  • Cardiovascular Fitness in Adults with Chronic SCI
  • Gait Training for Patients with Neurological Dysfunction
  • Neurorehabilitation Techniques and Equipment
  • Best Clinical Practice in Neurology

Professional Activities

Publications and Presentations (Within 10 years)

Walton LM, Hakim RM, Schwartz J, Raigangar VL, Javed A, Zaaeed N, Ambia U, Moustafa IM. Community-Based Pelvic Rehabilitation Programs for Women Refugees: Trauma-Informed, Gender-Focused, Intersectional Approach. Platform presentation. CSM 2022.

Armendi I, Huckfeldt C, Kane D, Spagnoli D, Maida D, Schwartz J. Impact of Community-Based Boxing on Non-Motor Outcomes for Individuals with Parkinson's Disease: A Systematic Review. Poster presentation. CSM 2022.

Schwartz J. Adaptation of Health Promotion DPT Student Projects to Improve Community Wellness during the Pandemic. Poster presentation. CSM 2022. 

Huckfeldt C, Spagnoli D, Schwartz J, Maida D, Hakim R, Ross M. Long-Term Impact of Community-Based Boxing for Balance and Mobility in Persons with Parkinson's Disease. Poster presentation. CSM 2022.

Evans A, Genello A, Kurtz R, Outten R, Schwartz J, Hakim RM. Effects of tDCS on Motor Performance in Adults with Ataxia: A Systematic Review. Poster presentation. CSM 2021.

Broderick K, Eichenlaub E, O'Reilly K, Rentzheimer M, Scardillo J, Schwartz J. Impact of FES Cycling on Cardiovascular Fitness in Adults with Chronic SCI: A Systematic Review. Poster presentation. CSM 2021. 

Ochalski N, Rynar E, Turrisi L, Schwartz J. Community Programming for Promoting Physical Wellbeing in United States Refugee Populations: A Systematic Review. Poster presentation. CSM 2021.

Angrosina B, Brogan L, Harvan L, Hultberg E, Shannon M, Trezza C, Maida D, Rodio N, Schwartz J. Effects of exercise on physical health outcomes of adults in prison: A systematic review. Poster presentation. CSM 2021.

Schwartz, J. DPT Curricular Innovations Pairing Health Promotion Education with Community Based Learning. Platform presentation. ELC 2020.

Hatki K, Prisco E, SanFilippo J, Ryan T, Schwartz J , Hakim RM. Large Amplitude Movement Training and QOL in Persons with Parkinson’s Disease: A Systematic Review. Abstract published in PTJ after acceptance for NEXT 2020.
Armstrong V, D’Antonio E, Duggan K, Kuehner S, Conklin M, Schwartz J. Bimanual Intensive Training for Upper Limb Function in Children with Cerebral Palsy: A Systematic Review. Poster Presentation. APTA Combined Sections Meeting, Denver, CO. February 2020.
Schwartz J. Community Wellness Education Across the Lifespan: Health and Wellness Community-Based Learning for Physical Therapy Students. Jesuit Universities Humanitarian Action Network. Poster presentation. June 2019.
Gentile M, Lucke C, McSherry S, Ryan D, Maida D, Schwartz J. The Effect of Equine-Related Therapy on Physical and Psychological Well-Being of Older Adults: A Systematic Review.  APTA Combined Sections Meeting, Washington, D.C. Platform presentation. January 2019.
Bonitz L, Fasano M, Goyden M, Segota C, Schwartz J. Effectiveness of Gait Interventions in Improving Gait in Adults with Ataxia: A Systematic Review. APTA Combined Sections Meeting, Washington, D.C. Poster presentation. January 2019.
Guether K, Nachtman A, Scully S, Taylor M, Schwartz J, Hakim R. The Impact of Community-Based Rehabilitation Programs on Adults with Traumatic Brain Injury: A Systematic Review. APTA Combined Sections Meeting, New Orleans, LA. Poster presentation. February 2018
Cominsky J, Joyce C, Leschen S, Raab M, Schwartz J, Hakim R.The Effect of Rhythmic Auditory Stimulation on Gait Outcomes in Adults with Non-Progressive CNS Diagnoses: A Systematic Review.APTA Combined Sections Meeting, San Antonio, TX. Poster presentation.February 2017
Balcon M, Forsberg E,  Mossler E, Shackles J, Schwartz J, Hakim R. Functional Electrical Stimulation in Combination with Treadmill Training to Improve Gait in Adults with Stroke: A Systematic Review.APTA Combined Sections meeting, Anaheim, CA. Poster presentation.
February 2016
Schwartz JJ, Singleton LJ, Foreman J. Case Study: Dynamic Body-Weight Supported Overground Gait Training for a Patient with Chronic Severe Traumatic Brain Injury.Texas Physical Therapy Association Annual Conference, Galveston, TX. Poster presentation. October 2014.

University/Department Service

  • Assessment Committee
    • Chair, 2018-present
  • Handbook Committee
    • 2021-present
  • Global Service Committee
    • 2018-present
  • Recorder of faculty meeting minutes
    • 2017-present
  • Assessment Advisory Committee
    • Fall 2017-present
  • Wellness Committee
    • Fall 2017-present
  • Scranton Refugees Friendship Network
    • Coordinator, Spring 2017-2019
  • Disaster Relief Steering Committed 
    • 2017-2019
  • Refugee Solidarity Committee
    • 2017-2020
  • Panelist at CBL Workshop
    • 3/28/19
  • "I've Got Your Back! Tips on Pain Relief and Good Posture at Work" - Presentation at ĤƵ Wellness Day. Presented with colleagues Anthony Carusotto, PT, DPT, CLT, Jushua Prall, PT, DPT, Nicholas Rodio, PT, DPT, and Dana Maida, PT, DPT, GCS.
    • 3/12/19
  • Faculty Specialist Wrokgroup 
    • 2018-2019
  • Leahy PT Clinic Steering Committee
    • Member, 2019-present
  • Lectures in PT 743 Psychosocial Aspects of Disabilities on Death and Dying
    • Fall 2018-present
  • Leahy Clinic for the Uninsured and Underinsured
    • Student Supervisor, March 2015-present                           
  • Assist with Accreditation documents
    • August 2014-present
  • IPEC facilitator
    • Fall 2018-present
  • IPE event with Lackawanna College PTA program
    • Fall 2018-present
  • Fall Prevention Screening
    • Geneva Towers, Fall 2019
    • Amos Towers, Fall 2018
    • YMCA Health Fair, Fall 2016
  • Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Day, Allied Services
    • 9/19/19

Community Service

  • Individual Abilities in Motion
    • Board Member, Publicity/Programming Committee, 2021-present
  • Dunmore Green Ridge Soccer
    • U-5 Soccer Assistant Coach, Fall 2021
  • John Adams Elementary PTA, Scranton PA
    • Treasurer, 2021-present 
    • Vice President, 2018-2021
    • Secretary, 2016-2018
  • Hill Neighborhood Association
    • Volunteer, 2019-present
    • Office Manager, 2018-2019
  • Shine Children’s Ministry
    • City Lights Church, Scranton, PA
    • Volunteer, October 2015 to present
  • Pro-bono services for Patient with Parkinson’s Plus Condition
    • Fall 2019- present
  • Community Based Senior Health Fairs and Elementary School Wellness Days
    • April-May 2018
    • April- May 2019
  • Local Service at St. Francis and St. Joseph’s Center for PT Students
    • Trip organizer and leader, January 2019 and February 2020.
  • Scranton Youth Soccer
    • Co-ed U-6 Soccer Coach, 2018
  • Mothers of Preschoolers
    • Steering Team
  • Children’s Ministry Co-coordinator
    • 2016-2017
  • Preschool teacher
    • Steamtown Church, Scranton PA
    • January to May 2015
  • Disaster relief volunteer, case worker, site organizer
    • United Methodist Committee on Disaster Relief, Texas Annual Conference
    • February 2009 to December 2010  
  • Lay leader, small group, mission team, and women’s study leader
    • Pughtown Baptist Church, Spring City, PA
    • From August 2006 to January 2009
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