Royal Financial Wellness Program

At The ĤƵ, we believe that helping students to both learn and apply essential elements of personal finance is an important aspect in preparing them for a lifetime of success. It is why we launched the Royal Financial Wellness Program as a free resource for all students. The program provides knowledge and tools to make intelligent financial decisions far into the future.

Program Overview

The Royal Financial Wellness Program is a collaborative initiative between the Financial Aid Office and various offices across campus. Inspired by the U.S. Department of the Treasury's Financial Literacy and Education Commission's financial education core competencies, the program covers a wide range of financial topics specifically designed for college students. It includes access to online training, individual counseling and in-person events and activities.

Free Online Training Courses

The ĤƵ provides all students with free access to a sophisticated online education service called Financial Avenue. Financial Avenue is tailored to each individual student. Students identify their personal money philosophy, gain knowledge of key personal finance concepts from budgeting to investing, and come away from each course with a customized action plan to translate concepts into behaviors. Students will also strengthen their understanding of topics specific to student borrowers  such as the FAFSA, the financial aid process and student loan management and repayment. 

Please use the following links to create a username and password for Financial Avenue based on the year you started at The ĤƵ. You will then be able to view the course modules.

The Courses

  • : Why humans handle money the way we do, and why sometimes your brain is your own worst financial enemy through the course’s exampled explanation of emotional spending.
  • : What would you do with an extra $1,000?
  • : “College is an investment in your future.” But what does that mean, really? This course will explain 5 steps to getting a bigger bang out of your investment!
  • : All the FAFSA knowledge you need from filing to accepting your awards and loan offerings.
  • : Be an informed borrower!  Learn the ins and outs of loans and how to manage and pay them off without stress.
  • : The Money Making Blueprint – the tips you need to build a great career and manage your salary and benefits offerings.
  • : Craft your credit story. Uncover, understand and protect your credit so your story has a happy ending
  • : You are in control – making smart choices about spending and borrowing
  • : Balancing the "present you” and the "future you.”
  • : Practice making money decisions for two virtual people as you navigate their small daily choices and big monster decisions!

Video Previews


Building a budget is a proven way to keep your spending and saving on track. Preparing a monthly budget will allow you to plan for expenses and help to limit excessive spending.

Student Loans

Completing the FAFSA allows you to be eligible to take out federal student loans. Learning about your future loan repayment options, interest rates and your loan servicer will put you in a better position to make educated decisions regarding your federal student loans.

Building Credit and Credit Cards

Your credit score can have a major impact on your ability to borrow money. A person’s credit score will affect the interest rate that the person is offered for an auto loan, a mortgage or what type of credit card the person can be approved to use. Understanding and building credit is extremely useful and will have a positive influence on your future financial decisions.

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